Space in Two Dimensions

It’s Fridaaaaaaaaaay – Are you ready monkey… to do some serrrrrrious drawings or paintings this weekend? Monkey word is SEDUCTION. Remember not to tag this to the gallery as Instagram have banned this word from their
dictionary [for other banned words on IG: these can be found via Google].
Seduction can be created and drawn in many forms; it might be something you are attracted to such as an actor or artist. One of the most remembered seductive actresses of the modern theatre was Sarah Bernhardt (above).
Ms Bernhardt allegedly had more than 1,000 affairs in her time, including Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo, the Prince of Wales and all of her leading men.
One of her peculiarities was that she slept in a satin-lined rosewood coffin where she sometimes demanded her devotees or lovers kept her company.
Tracy tantalises us with the word here:

Let’s enjoy the postings this Sunday onwards, sit back,
relax and enjoy the ride…

In the meantime let’s soak up the work of Caragh Thuring, a London based artist talks about some of her new work:


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