LOYALTYLoyalty is one of the fewer words that still causes some debate and always will. Loyalty can be faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause.  Some people might argue that one can be loyal to a broad range of things, while others argue that it is only possible for loyalty to be to another person and that it is strictly interpersonal.
It is in my opinion that the word loyalty can only apply to a ‘living thing’. An object does not consider emotion. It doesn’t take into account consequence and repercussion. An object does not get a sense of satisfaction from pleasing or providing you with security and comfort.  I do not believe that loyalty only lies between a loved one and yourself. I believe loyalty can be witnessed at many levels not just with your partner.
I have a number of pets. Not all pets are loyal;
I have two dogs, both are very loyal. They greet me when I come home.
They want to follow my every step. They want to sleep in my bed. They alert me to any security risks although they are not fortunate enough physically propose any threat to those security risks unless they were actually choked them to death with an accidental ingestion when inhaling – yes they are only Maltese/Shitzu and Maltese/Cavalier. I  have seen more intimidating blades of grass than my two dogs. Yet, they care for my family. They do not wander from home, they stay by our side. They show love and affection. They protect. My two dogs are loyal.
My fish however, well… fish are fish. Fish swim from one side of tank to the other. Do they show any affection?, no sadly. My Cichlid’s are loyal to one another. Both are good parents and nurture their babies. most fish though, they just swim, eat and crap. That’s fish for you.

File:African Cichlid.jpg

So with out going through my entire household of pets, hopefully you can understand what I mean with the fish and dog comparison. Not every living thing is loyal. Just those living-things you hold dear that stay by your side no matter the consequence.
My wife knew marrying me would be a silly idea but for some strange reason she has stuck with me for near twenty years. I would say she is pretty loyal lol. Through thick and thin. Arguments or disagreements, I’d rather be no place other than my wife’s side. Loyalty.
Loyalty is your friends you grew up with from kindergarten that you got totally drunk with. They are the friends that may or may not have got you involved with illegal substances 🙂 They are the friends that never ratted you out to save their own butts in dire situations. They are the friends who bailed you out of situations when in need. That’s loyalty.

So when drawing this weeks theme monkeys,
be sure to reveal where your loyalties lay.


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