A posting time reminder to all monkey members that have not yet
read this on our website.
Please click on the below link
It won’t bite 🙂

Posting Times & Collages


2 thoughts on “Posting Times and Collages at Monkey Side Bars

  1. Quick question .. are these posting deadlines (I.e. post before this time) or are these the exact time when pictures must be posted?


    1. Hi Sam, these posting times are the times that all monkey members (that’s you too) post to Instagram, around the globe, all at the same time. I’m in the UK so at the moment, I post at 11pm on a Wednesday and Sunday.

      If monkeys are unable to post at this specified time, we prefer that your artwork be posted after that time (up to 48hrs to make the collage). Sometimes we get posts sift in from the previous word so it just makes it easier for the collage makers.

      Hope this helps and please feel free to ask any other questions Sam, happy to help 🙂

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