CHOICETired of someone else always
getting their choice?
You wait patiently, twiddling your thumbs, biding time until its finally your turn to choose!
Well it’s that time, our first ever
Monkey’s Choice!
So many important decisions
await you…
Coke or Pepsi,
i-phone or android,
one scoop or two?
Okay, I know those were some tough choices, but how about these. One kid or three, remember you can’t return them.  Suburb commute or city hustle bustle.  How about our four legged friends, does your heart lie with a dog or cat?  Time for a little rest and relaxation, your choice, pick your poison!
We make choices every day, some we would do time and time again, others, not so much…   However, in the Sidebars the skies the limit and we whole heatedly support your choice!  You’re probably wondering if there is a Monkey’s Choice Award… Well, there is not.  Although, you do get to pick your medium, pick your tools, with reference or without, and show us your Choice for Wednesday,  August 13th.

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