Schedule for word selection, dates listed are the reveal dates for that round.

May we ask kindly monkey, that you keep your word choice under your monkey hat so that it gives other players the same amount of time to draw the word and of course makes it all the more exciting.

Monkey Round Date Day
@staygrl #104 Aug 6 (Wed)


@Fazamatazz #105 Aug 10 (Sun)
@sherry_vineyard #106 Aug 13 (Wed)
@ksfan #107 Aug 17 (Sun)
@Boradmer #108 Aug 20 (Wed)
@lindavzds #109 Aug 24 (Sun)
@Jessboz98 #110 Aug 27 (Wed)
@DrTrekker #111 Aug 31 (Sun)
@Zygby22 #112 Sep 3 (Wed)
@Michelledavo50 #113 Sep 7 (Sun)
@lindabatey #114 Sep 10 (Wed)
@Dranny7 #115 Sep 14 (Sun)
@Debbiemac1955 #116 Sep 17 (Wed)
@ROCK1319 #117 Sep 21 (Sun)
@Meetiina2 #118 Sep 24 (Wed)
@atomicstrick9 #119 Sep 28 (Sun)
@shutterbug6500 #120 Oct 1 (Wed)
@daisy41763 #121 Oct 5 (Sun)
@cherry25022013 #122 Oct 8 (Wed)

The next list will be prepared nearing the end of this one and players not yet selected a word will be added to that.

Questions/comments? Please email us: monkeysidebars@gmail.com

Please let us know if you cannot make your selected date above so that we can re-schedule for you and give another member a chance to choose a word (names may be therefore subject to change).
Thank you for playing.

About Monkey Side Bars

Monkey Side Bars is a twice-a-week drawing game where you are challenged to a piece of art on a specific theme. Players take turns selecting the theme for each round. On the reveal date for each round, we co-ordinate a mass posting to Instagram simultaneously across the globe (see posting times and collages). Be sure to check your posting time. The game is open to all who wish to participate. We welcome all levels of skill from beginners to hobbyists to professionals. All you need is a creative mind, a sense of humor, and a willingness to try. You might have heard it through the ape vine… This game will have you hooked on the monkey bars. Like a monkey likes a banana… it has that appeal. Come monkey around with us and see what all the fuss is about.

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