MSB 100th Round – Final Entries

It seems like such a long time ago since are 100th round, celebrations and contest began:
All monkey members expressed their thoughts, mostly onto electronic paper and here below are the final few entries received… Well over 200 submissions in total:
Without saying too much, we do know that our judge, Guy Sanville, Artistic Director at the infamous Purple Rose Theatre Company has a very difficult task ahead of him, even though all are winners 🙂 Purple rose theatrepurple rose
Fabulous prizes will be on there way from our sponsor friends at Caseen, Octa and ArtRage.  So Monkey’s – There will be pounding hearts, nail biting and just like Carly Simon had in the 70s –Anticipation, Anticipaaaaaaaation. Let the wait for results begin and in the meantime normal rounds continue.
We thank you all for enhancing our games with your art
and for making MonkeySideBars a magnificent community.

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