Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

There is something about those burning embers that hold your attention.
The sparks, pops, and colors that swirl receding every so slightly
before engulfing anything combustible.
Fire shifts, dances, and illuminates the night.
It’s magnificent in its ferocity and devastating with it’s
non-discriminatory reaches.
Fire, water, air, and earth are the four elements essential to life and unity.  Fire is known to have a purifying and strong energy,
as it can destroy and bring about new life.
If fire in itself does not spark your creativity you can
always capture something fire related.
Maybe a fireman, covered in sweat and soot, yielding an extra large axe…
Or a sweet little fire fly carrying its lantern as it zig-zags through the night.
All monkeys are welcome as we sit around the camp fire and share stories making more fantastic Sidebar memories for Fire, Wednesday, July 30th!

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