CREATUREAs monkeys we are all creatures in this animal
kingdom.   We share the Sidebars and rub elbows with a variety of interesting and artistically
awesome creatures from around the world.
Some maybe more pleasant than others, some maybe down right strange…  but all creatures and all options for this week’s theme.
Of course, there are also creatures that occupy our imaginations and exist only in realms of fantasy.   They’ve lived under your bed or in your closet.  They may have remained hidden until the darkest hour when you were all alone.    If you dare, you could re-create that spectacular creature.

We also have creature comforts.  This my friends is everything that makes you feel warm and cozy inside.  What trips your trigger, floats your boat, and is better than sliced bread?   Hmmmm, like banana daiquiris midst  a social grooming next to the hot springs?

Prepare your creatures my dear monkeys and we will see you on posting day and in the Sidebar’s collages of fame.

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