Let’s Get Ready to Jungle

From the dawn of time there has been the jungle
deep in the jungle forests dwell many species of the monkey and from the monkey – Monkey Side Bars was born.
Here is a recent clip created on Flipagram
by Monkey Jo Jo AKA @jojojamomo
posted for our last round at Monkey Side Bars for the word JUNGLE
Another great clip for this word came in from
Monkey Jacqui AKA: @jacquisartist101
Below are the recent collages of all monkeys that participated in Round #93 for June 29th – word selected by Tabitha Rodriguez AKA @Mamat4t

image(22) image(21) image(20) image(19) image(18) image(17) image(16) image(15) image(14) image(13) image(12) image(11) image(10) image(9) image(8) image(7) image(6) image(5) image(4) image(3) image(2) image(1) image photo

Last year, two very clever people devised a drawing game, simple but fantastic. They shared their game with a small group of people and gradually Monkey Side Bars has grown and grown. The draws posted by all of you wonderful monkeys to Instagram are superb and a joy to see.
Not only are we getting very close to our first year anniversary,
it is also coming up to our 100th round.
We are very proud to have created our group and look forward to our monkey fun carrying on and on. This can only be done with you beautiful monkeys. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.
The 100th round will be a unique competition.
Keep your monkeys eyes peeled for more information.
Lots of monkey love
Adele 😀

6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to Jungle

  1. Wonderful Adele!!! Thank you for all your beautiful hard work!! Such a lovely feature I’m truly honored!! And I’m not just monkeying around!! Lots of monkey love to you!!

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