Integrity is a word used quite loosely, often bullet marked on our resumes.
It represents the wholeness, the pure unimpaired state.  We like to think we all adhere to this higher standard of sound ethical principals, moral character, and honesty, but are often put to the test.
As artists we show integrity by sourcing references, materials used, apps used, and following guidelines and parameters.
As monkey’s in a sidebar we never sip from our neighbor’s banana daiquiri after we’ve distracted them with something shiny…
Integrity may not only refer to one’s character, but  can also be applied to something’s condition.  Think of something in pristine condition,
like an antique vase or a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.
If portraits are your thing we’d love to see someone that you feel embodies integrity.  If not, objects hold integrity too!  Honestly, any work of art created with integrity, exemplifies integrity.

Have fun my monkeys, integrity awaits you all!


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