VICEThat wickedly evil or immoral misdeed could be non other than a vice. We struggle to hold them in check, keep them at bay, but those pesky vices just simmer below the surface. They call our names and play devil’s advocate.
Our vices are always there for us, rain or shine, for better or worse.
The question is, what vices do our monkeys endure?  Are you willing to share your bad habits,  moments of weakness,
and unhealthy behaviors?


Of course, their is plenty of other vices if you’d rather keep your vice locked away.  Lets see, their was a vice in Miami… Miami Vice.  There is a Vice magazine, Vice the HBO series, there are vice grips, and loads of advice… just ask a monkey.

Lets all rub our hands, feet, and elbows together while we contemplate the direction we take our vices for
Sunday, July  6th.


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