TOUCHWe  have a multitude of senses. Sight , hearing, taste, smell and ‘touch’.

Touch possibly doesn’t get enough emphasis.  With out our sensitivity for touch, we would not be able to feel how fluffy a material is, how abrasive sand paper is, how hot that hot plate is. It is also the way we communicate. We hold our partners hand because we enjoy the feeling of a loved ones touch. We cuddle and enjoy the warm sensation from an embrace. We touch a texture because we are curious to see how it feels in our hands.
We love to touch and explore with that sensation.

Touching is and always has been a curiosity since you were a baby. We just love to get our hands on something. Then the phrase ‘You can look but don’t touch’ comes to mind. Some people go to a zoo and see a carnivorous lion or bear and although they know that the animal has the ability to rip their arms or legs off, they still have a curiosity as to what their fur feels like etc lol. You grandparents telling you the same about their ornament cabinet. “David, you can look but don’t touch” my grandmother would say. There appears to be a relationship between kids touching and breaking things apparently.  As I discovered later in life with my own children, apparently that touching and breaking relationship is true.

Breaking the word down and switching to its adjective ‘touching’, we relate to emotion.  Eliciting or capable of eliciting sympathy or tenderness. That ‘s that feeling you get when cuddling or holding your partners hand. Or even the caress of your partners lips or body parts, stimulation from that sensation. Being touched by the gesture. Something I think everyone enjoys.

A baby who wants to be picked up. Not because its hungry or thirsty or has wind, just simply because that touch even at that tender age indicates care and nurturing. Protection against the world. A feeling or sensation of care and security.

Anyway, no matter how you approach this theme, I’m sure it will be interesting.  Hopefully very touching.

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