Chapter 27

Fantastic artwork as always by Jaime & Pia – Resilience for Chapter 27 and a YouTube clip not to be missed dedicated to the word.

Jungle Turns


Welcome back for another episode of “As the Jungle Turns” the crime fighting/adventure comic that is drawn and written by Pia Langfeld and Jaime Leos based on words selected the drawing game, Monkey Sidebars.  Twice a week, Monkey Sidebar members select a theme/word and you draw accordingly. Many of the members are very creative in their draws.  Yet writing a storyline with the themes selected is very tricky and require tons of brainstorming.

Previously, on “As the Jungle Turns”…..Our heroes had caught up to The Twins and as they escaped down a Bobsled track!  Fortunately, Gunnar was familiar with bobsledding and told the team that if they followed his lead, they could get down the track fast enough to catch the villains.  As they made their way down the track they found a bobsled turned over with someone moaning inside….it was Thomas!

Pia Langfeld- "Resilience- the ability to bounce back...which in Mary's case proved quite beneficial to Wayne..." Pia Langfeld- “Resilience- the ability to bounce…

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