Tris – kahy-dek-uh-foh-bee-uh, oh what fun it is to say.  Say it with me, say it out loud, say it with rythem and give it a beat…  Just what ever you do, don’t say it thirteen times!    Triskaidekaphobia is the unyielding, relentless fear concerning the number 13.

Hollywood has fed into our fears of this totally normal digit located between 12 and 14.  We have nail biting films like Thir13en Ghosts, Room 13, Friday the Thirteenth, and many, many more.  Some places totally ignore the number all together passing over it like a fruitcake at the holidays.

The root of this fear is on you to explore.  There are many historically symbolic inferences around the number 13, many based in religious beliefs.  In the tarot deck 13 is the death card and it is also interesting to note that 13 turns make up a hangman’s noose…

My only fear of the number 13 is that the weather remains less humid and it doesn’t rain as my daughter graduates high school in an outside ceremony on Friday, the thirteenth.   Triskaidekaphobia is our theme, succeed and 13 bananas may await you!



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