The African buffalo inhabits most of Africa from the plains to the mountains.  They are responsible for countless attacks and deaths ranked just below the hippo and crocodile.
We also have the Water Buffalo, that originated in Asia.
This buffalo has been domesticated and is used in farming.
However, the wild Asian water buffalo are now considered
endangered species.
Many folks, including me, thought we had buffalo roaming yesterday’s Great Plains in the States.  Our buffalo is actually called a Bison and related to the others and are all in the cow family.
In parts of Alaska, and I’m sure other places too,
they breed the Bison with cattle.
This concoction is called a Beefalo.
Buffalo, of course, could represent so many other spectacular things.
How about Buffalo, New York, the Buffalo Bill’s football team, or the Buffalo Sabres if hockey is your thing.
Your search awaits you my monkeys.  Journey to the Great Plains, the Asian swamps, the African countryside , or hit the urban metropolis of New York for your larger than life Buffalo creations!

4 thoughts on “BUFFALO

  1. Beefalo does look very similar to the bison. There was a little farm in Palmer, Alaska that we used to go and sit in wonder as we watched these magnificent creatures. You can google beefalo and see lots of images.

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