If your a content monkey your desires may simply be a firm yet ripe, extremely plump banana, frozen and dipped in milk chocolate, then rolled in a toffee candy crunch and fed to you by that handsome young chimp from across the room.
However, desires are like opinions, everyone has them,
but not everyone shares.
What do you desire?  Draw your wishes, your dreams, those moments you’ve yearned to experience.  Are your desires material, desires that you can work to obtain?  Or do you desire that unseen force that causes you to hold your breath when a certain someone walks past.  Your heart skips a beat and you want nothing more than to press his lips to yours.
Of course, it can’t be all bunnies and butterflies, at the moment I desire a solid night sleep!
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

Desire, Wednesday, May 21st!


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