That time in the evening when some of the most beautiful skylines are captured.  Twilight, not quite night but not daytime either. The transition from sunset to night is possibly the best way to describe it. It’s when you look to the sky and see the clouds change colour every second until there is no more light at all and then you enter the night.
It is the most beautiful time of day if you truly appreciate a good sunset. A serene transformation from from day to night. I can stare at the sky for ever at the time in the evening here in Australia. Its amazing how much the sky can change in appearance as the Sun disappears below the horizon.
Below is three photo’s taken as the sun began to set on Lake Hume. All taken with in 20 minutes of each other. The final shot at the bottom, the sun has disappeared below the horizon and whats left of the light is bouncing off the clouds generating pretty pinks and oranges. Truly an amazing time in the evening when a landscape and skyline can take on many forms.
Gloaming 3 Gloaming 2 Gloaming 1
I’m a lover of a well done landscape painting. Particularly when the light and reflections are captured well. What will you create? A pretty sky, a serene lake sunset or something else. Maybe a romantic silhouette as the light is extinguished? Either way, I’m sure there will be some beauty captured.
I look forward to your gloaming.

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