Attraction is a state in emotion which on occasions can be easily explained  but sometimes it just remains a mystery.  What my wife finds attractive about me is one of those many mysteries.

When we’re talking genetics and ‘animal’ instincts, all we can assume is that something is stamped or encoded into a species DNA. For example; Pacific salmon are anadromous, which means they start in freshwater (streams, lakes, rivers, etc.),  migrate to the ocean, then return “home” to spawn and die.  Monarch butterflies flying to Mexico to hibernate.  Even though instinctive behavior is not learned, it still requires an appropriate stimulus or stimuli to be triggered.  Like birds, commonly ducks, flying south for the winter. The stimuli may be a temperature or weather event, but how or why do they do what they do. Survival or plain old instinct they just follow?  Where am I going with all this?  Well I was hoping to shed a little light into ‘why’. The answer is, because they feel like it lol.  Sometimes the attraction is simple and sometimes it is complex. With most mammals, the alpha male or matriarch female, they are normally the largest, strongest and fittest for survival and the attraction is genetics. The animals wish to have strong hybrid offspring.  The attraction is both visual and learned through experience. All I know is that if all homo-sapiens start migrating south for winter, Australia’s going to be awfully over crowded and I’ll be useless with out a GPS for navigation so don’t depend on me following any magnetic fields ok 🙂

Opposites attract, yeh remember that lame Paula Abdul song? well she was right. Magnetic field analogies aside, opposites do attract sometimes (not always). My wife likes country and pop music. I like rock and metal. She is flight, I am fight. I have seen it time and time again in teams as a manager. If you get too many similar characters together, they destroy one another over time. Life would be very boring and unattractive if we were all the same.

I am attracted to realistic and story telling art. My wife is attracted to abstract art which doesn’t resemble anything in particular in my eyes. My wife is attracted to country and pop music due to fond memories in her youth, stimuli that makes her happy. The same stimuli that attracts me to solid beat and some heavy riffs. We are attracted to certain objects and themes due to the stimuli we either have stamped into our DNA or an experienced emotion that has brought us joy and happiness.

When considering this theme, attraction doesn’t have to be purely romantic, it can be symbolic or spiritual. For example, I’m attracted to the smell of coffee. I smell coffee in the morning and if haven’t got one, I will desire one even if I’m not thirsty. If I smell rum,  I think back to a time when I was violently ill and lose any thirst I may have had before hand. Definitely no rum attraction…. anymore.

When talking attraction and art, colour is a huge thing.  Animals associate a lot of attraction in colour. I’m attracted to Leonid Afremov colours. Sometimes I love his themes too but the colour palette used always draws me in. There’s colour combinations I am not attracted to that I’m sure attracts many others. Colours and (for the colour blind), contrast is very important and will attract different people:

So, what attracts you? The sound of the beach? The smell of flowers? The colours of a painting? The anatomy of the opposite sex? I’m sure we will be able to relate in some way shape or form.  Attraction is in the eye, ear, nose and DNA of the beholder on this one.


5 thoughts on “Attraction

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I can relate to the pine although sometimes it reminds me of work lol. Very refreshing, always enjoy the smells of fresh radiata pine bark on my gardens 😊

  1. Loved this post David…. my memory has been described as a steel trap. Every sense bringing me down memory lane, good or not so good, alway a journey. Great work!

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