Nightmares, the heightened state of sleepy time dreamland that is reeked with havoc.   The  sleeper is submerged in a state of anxiety while they struggle through moments of great despair or horrific encounters.
Of course, we tend to listen, read, and watch loads of nightmare material.   As a child I listened to Alfred Hitchcock through my bedroom walls as my mother watched from the next room.  Then read Carrie and Cujo and fell in love with Stephen King at 13 years of age.   No matter what colorful story sparks the nightmares, once ignited get ready for a sleepless night and a set of crumpled, wet sheets.
Now, for you my monkeys…  What are your nightmares made of?  Have you ever tried to capture what made your heart skip a beat?

Here is your chance, draw nightmare for
Wednesday the 7th of May!


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