Lights, Camera, ACTION! That’s how some of us think of the word. So many noun and verb meanings of the word ‘Action’ that drawing for this weeks theme would be an easy task, right ? Maybe not due to the monumental amount of references that could be used.

I think I’ll use the term in this manner for the theme;

Action – the series of events that form a plot; “his novels always have a lot of action”.
I like a good action movie. And I love a good action draw.

A little while ago, some artists I’ve known for some time started what we called the ‘five shot challenge’. A little challenge where the artist was asked to create five works in five days (Thus the five shot title). The ‘challenge’ bit was picking a subject matter which is challenging for the artist to portray. Action is one of those difficult themes to portray. Capturing motion, movement, something happening with in the scene takes some skills.

Cartoons and anime have some great techniques for capturing action. Sometimes those techniques aren’t so easy to incorporate if you’re trying to make a piece look real and in the moment. Ironically, the principles are still the same. Instead of the toon squiggly line to emphasise movement, an out of focus blurred paint application may give the same effect. There are so many techniques and illusions an artist can try but sometimes it’s best to keep it simple.

You might not even bother with capturing action in motion but instead capturing your favorite action hero. Each generation has one. I’ve had a few. One of them was some Austrian guy who wanted to get to the chopper and also said “I’ll be back” once or twice. I think his name was Arnold Schwarzenegger or something lol. Or maybe you are fan of the more modern action hero’s like Vin Diesel. Riddick, Fast and Furious, XXX and many more. Maybe you liked the golden oldies like The Magnificent Seven. A John Wayne lover. The list goes on and on. Around that time, my other favorite, some guy who counted bullets and asked his enemies if they felt lucky trying to stop him. Yes, go ahead and make my day Mr Clint Eastwood, one of the coolest of action hero’s of all time.

Either way you tackle this one, I’m sure the works will be creative and no doubt the submissions will be diverse.

Lights, camera ‘ACTION’

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