Caseen Review from DarkNightmare himself…

Artist: Mario Alberto
Artist: Mario Alberto (AKA – DarkNightmare)
This rocking Smurf was the first one that I made with the Caseen stylus.
Mario’s Caseen Review
Also added to the list of reviews on Caseen Stylus’s

Before anything, I would like to wish thanks to Monkey Side Bars managers, especially Tabitha and Rosenfeld for sending me a Caseen VIBE EX-L stylus. I really appreciate that.

My first impression when I saw the Caseen stylus was, this is a lot larger and the tip is wider than my actual stylus, how can it be a better tool for drawing then? But after using it, I realized that its technology allows you to draw longer and more precise lines, because of the smooth and soft way how the stylus slides over the display device surface.

It is light and elegant and allows a good angle range in the hand, besides, this stylus does not make any sound or any other annoying feature like rubber tipped styluses do. So, I consider the Caseen stylus a great option for digital artwork in tablets or similar devices.

Mario wave

Thank you Mario, from Caseen and everyone at Monkey Side Bars 😀
Also a special thanks for creating such a wonderful banner for our Facebook page featuring drawings of monkeys from our Monkey Side Bars Members – Another special thank you goes to Adele Bosward for helping with the gathering of all monkeys 😉

banner for Facebook


16 thoughts on “Caseen Review from DarkNightmare himself…

    1. I don’t know how hard can be in a wacom tablet, but in Ipad or Iphone, at first is hard, you need to get used to the stylus behaviour, with Caseen, it feels more like real pencil or pen drawing, but don’t give up, practicing you can do it.

  1. Thank you for posting this review MonkeySideBars, including the waving DarkNightmare 😀 I appreciate this detail so much, always so friendly.
    Something that i forgot to include in my review is that rubber tip of my other stylus get broken easily, but this Caseen mesh tipped stylus seems to be more resistant too!

    1. Thank you so much my dear Maya!! Always so kind and lovely! 😀
      At least you could draw late, I couldn’t at all because here is house cleaning time 😛 I bet yours is magnificent as always! 😉

  2. I have a Caseen Vibe EX-L that I have enjoyed using but the mesh tip disintegrated and now only a soft under tip shows through. This under tip does not work. Has anyone else had this problem ? I have other mesh stylus, by Caseen, and this has never happened before. I love the Monkey banner Mario made for our MSB web page. A always enjoy everything DarkNightmare creates. Juliertist (aka) artstar.

    1. Hi Julie, I personally have not had this problem with my mesh stylus and have never had to replace the tip or buy a new one (yet). But I will see that Caseen see’s your comment and will let you know what they say (Tabs) 😀 xx

    2. I’m sorry Julie (artstar),
      I haven’t seen your reply before! Thanks for your always kind words! You know I admire your work a lot either!! I’m glad that you liked the banner 😀
      I hope your trouble with the stylus have been solved now, mine still works really well, so I don’t know why yours had problems, but I’m glad to know that Caseen has replied to you to offer help. 🙂

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