If Monkey Sidebars were a movie, what might the storyline be?
Which genre would it win an award?
Comedy *Adventure * Indie * Romance * Fantasy * Mystery * Documentary
We need help from all monkeys to decide.

Big Top Films will be our judges for this competition.
Create a movie poster for the Best Film of 2014:
Monkey Sidebars The Movie:
(Your personal title inserted here)

Monkey Sidebars The Movie: The Phantom Monkey
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: The Jungle Wars
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Dead Ape’s Chest
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: The Lost Jungle
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Escape 2 Africa
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Free Marmoset
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Walking Hunched
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Son of Tamarin
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: A Barrel of Monkeys
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Artist in the Mist
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Mighty Joe Painter
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Creative George
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: Legend of Murciano
Monkey Sidebars The Movie: A Happy Little Tree

Draw your ‘Monkey Sidebars’ movie poster however you may imagine its manuscript (does not have to include actual primates) and its premiere – from an action-packed blockbuster to a revered Indie beauty and everything and anything in between.

Monkey Award

The lucky winner will receive a 10.1 in metallic black PLUSH tablet sleeve from our sponsor friends at Caseen. Two runners up will win the smooth classic rubber nib.

Big Top Films will kindly be judging this competition for us
and will announce the winners in an awards ceremony style featuring All In Theatres’ very own Orlando and Clarice from their new comedy ‘Love Sick’.!current-production/c7u1

The winning posters will also appear at @msbgallery, with the awards ceremony video and an article on the website, showcased among everyone’s
Monkey Sidebars The Movie drawings.

Post your draw [one only] at your usual posting time on April 27th, 2014 – but no later than April 30th, 2014, when the contest ends.

Please tag #monkeysidebars stating that your artwork is for this competition.

To Artists:

  • Monkey Sidebars The Movie – Make a movie poster entitled Monkey Sidebars The Movie (Your personal title inserted here).
  • The competition is open to all artists from around the world. Any not on Instagram will need to email your drawing to us.
  • Artwork can be produced on any medium.
  • One drawing per monkey.
  • Post your artwork April 27, 2014 – competition ends April 30, 2014.
  • Winners will be notified via email.
Good luck to all participating in this contest!

[Admins can enter but cannot win]



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