The room is dim, candles flickering on the small table draped in thick burgundy cloth.   You stare into the the swirling crystal ball subconsciously holding your breath awaiting your fate from your psychic monkey medium.  Her voice begins to tremble as she is inundated with visions of stylus’s coming in and our so fast she dizzies.

She quickly covers the ball, slides it aside and in a flash has the table covered with an array of cards.   Then screams Uno, you fear you shouldn’t be seeking psychic enlightenment from a chimp…

She trashes the table cloth sending everything flying and scoots her chair inches from mine.  She grabs my hand with her eyes closed tracing each crease with callused fingers.  After a long sigh, she says everything  is now clear.  You will draw, draw with any and all mediums on anything you can get your hands on because you are a monkey and monkey’s draw.  Oh, and Sunday, April 20th’s word will be Psychic.



4 thoughts on “PSYCHIC

  1. I’m not sure that ill be able to work on my drawing for “psychic”. So sorry for the late notice. However, I have a drawing already. Can I re-submit the one I have?

    Have a Blessed Day

    💜Blessings, Hannah💜 Sent from my iPhone

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