Land of windmills, tulips, legalized marijuana and of course, awesome artistic heritage. Please forgive my cander, just a little Australian jealousy. Oh and I was referring to the windmills, tulips and awesome artistic heritage and not the marijuana 😀

I must admit, I am never too surprised to see that one of my favorite artists happens to be Dutch. There are hundreds of years of artistic history in Holland and something the Dutch can be awfully proud of. From Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Starry Night to Johannes Vermeer’s girl with the pearl earring, there is Dutch art which will stand the length of time and be looked to as the bench mark for generations.

For me, I was a lover of the ‘golden age’ of Dutch painting. A time when so many paintings were created, value was actually lost in abundance. This era would change with the French invasion but still so many brilliant art works created into the 18th century and well through to today.

Some of you may be thinking Van Gogh, Van Gogh, such a famous name in Dutch art. For me, I can’t go past Rembrandt. I’ve looked at many of his paintings over the years in awe; I even tried one, ‘Storm on the Sea of Galilee’. Rembrandt, like Vermeer, had such an awesome perspective and way with creating light and darkness. Paintings that can swallow you whole. So many details, so much depth, so inspiring.

Vermeer was so well known, Straylight even helped edit a movie about his light capturing techniques. Well I’m referring to ‘Tim’s Vermeer’ which is a documentary film directed by the performer teller ,  produced by his stage partner Penn Jillette and Farley Ziegler, about inventor Tim Jenisen’s efforts to duplicate the painting techniques of Johannes Vermeer; and of course, edited by one of our monkey members, Straylight. If you look to a lot Vermeer’s works, particularly the ‘girl with a pearl earring’ or ‘officer and laughing girl’, you can see just how special these pieces are in history. Each artist is unique but these artists in particular applied paint in a way that many today are still to this day studying.

So when we get to this theme. A theme chosen by the young monkey Joost, please pay homage to the Dutch artistic heritage. If you cant reference a great, please try to capture what the greats have captured. A land of beauty and significance. From landscapes to still life, Holland has a lot to offer in ways of artistic inspiration.


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