Jungle Turns- Chapter 14

Rabble along to the Jungle Turns for the next installment:

Jungle Turns


Welcome back for another chapter of Jungle Turns!
This chapter was a strange one but fun to create!  When Pia Langfeld and I began to throw up ideas, Pia’s idea was to draw panic in the eyes of Mary and Agent W-D40 followed by the #Rabble breaking out into a “Flash Mob” dance scene like Micheal Jackson’s Thriller Video!  In the meantime, I was looking up references for the chapter- Zoftig.  When Pia suggested the flash mob scene, immediately I thought of Weird Al’s Fat video!

Weird Al's Fat Video  http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/music-videos/picks/results/7973/best-parody-music-video Weird Al’s Fat Video

Michael Jackson's Thriller http://www.nbcbayarea.com/the-scene/events/1023-25-Largest-Simultaneous-Dance-to-Michael-Jacksons-Thriller-65751102.html

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Pia’s idea was Michael Jackson’s Thriller’s dance scene with the Zombies.

Pia Langfeld Pia Langfeld

Pia Langfeld Pia Langfeld

With the Rabble surrounding Mary and W-D40 the question was, “How are we going to get our heroes out of this one?”  When Pia suggested the Flash Mob idea and Michael Jackson, I started watching MJ videos and came across this…

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