You gotta have ‘FAITH’ for Chapter 13 of The Jungle Turns…

Jungle Turns


Hello Everyone!!
Back again to share how the ideas for faith came about.  Several ideas came about between Pia and I.  We spoke about chasing the Twins through dark alley ways since our next word was “Rabble”.  I had an idea to have Wayne calling for backup while before entering the ghetto.  Mary would get too anxious and want to chase them before they got away but Wayne would tell her, “Have Faith.”  We scrapped this idea and came up with the following draws.

Pia Langfeld Pia Langfeld

While Pia was researching reference draws for “Faith”, she came across several graffiti draws with their faith being depicted.  She went with this idea and got many religions and faiths into her draw.

Pia Langfeld Pia Langfeld

On this draw, I came up with the quote from Dante’s Inferno while Dante and Virgil enter Hell, they are greeted with the phrase, “Abandon all hope ye…

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