Wednesday March 19 – Posting to Instagram was a real eye-opener for all members/artists of Monkey Side Bars.   We posted our eyes like crazy eye people for the word EYE chosen by the talented graphic artist Jacquelyn – @jacquisartist101 on Instagram.

Jacquelyn’s artwork is always truly wonderful; working with colour is her strength and has become a trademark of her art.

Take a moment out of your time, if you will, to look at Jacqui’s beautiful watercolour painting that was published in Smashing Magazine a few years ago under the name
artist 201.

All of our EYE drawings will be in the sidebars here soon, on Twitter and on our fan page in Facebook so LOOK OUT 😀

Our upcoming word to draw this Sunday, March 23rd is AUSTRALIA

Sit back and watch MONKEY SPOON by John Turello whilst you search for references or concoct something in your own mind of what you are going to draw for the word.  John Turello is an animator from Sydney Australia and his movies include: ‘Walking With Dinosaurs, ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Happy Feet 2’… Enjoy!


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