As a monkey myself, I know that since the Neolithic period or is it Palaeolithic? …Anyway it was a time when music didn’t exist and we used to run around to attract other monkeys, performing a locomotion move typically following a set of sequenced steps before we knew what dance was.

Nobody knows which era dance originated but as King Louie, the King of the Jungle once said, “Oh, oobee doo, I’m tired of monkeyin’ around!” and it was soon after that, he invented the swing dance.

Yes, all of the above is a myth I created in my head but we know one thing for sure… that River dance is probably the worst dance no matter how you look at it or that might be all in my head too.

Dance also means to move in a quick and lively way and are many definitions describing this.  We also associate dance with movements that matches a speed and rhythm to a piece of music.

Ok, here are a few I’ll give you for free… Disco, Break, Happy, Grave, Salsa, School, Belly, Ballet, Pole and lets not forget monkey.

Why not listen to some music of a favourite genre, dance in the moonlight whilst creating your dance piece for Wednesday, March 5th

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