Congratulations to  Ben and runners up Deb L and Desmond


The Monkey Side Bars Self-portrait Competition comprised of monkeys being asked to draw themselves of how they might look in another lifetime.  The choices were endless for these creative souls and unlocked a montage of beautiful enchanting portrayals.

We are all in agreement here at MSB and our judge for this competition Fischer Chen AKA @mr_sides, that everyone is a winner.  We believe that Fischer has chosen wisely and fairly with the choices made and would like to thank Fischer again for his efforts in deciphering three winners in this difficult task, from the remarkable amount of beautiful submissions received from the Monkey Members.

Our winner – Ben’s work of art

Ben N - Winner of Self-Portrait

Our runners up – Deb L and Desmond

Deb L - Runner up of Self-Portrait Desmond - Runner up of Self-Portrait

The three lucky winners have brand new styluses in the post to them from our sponsor friends at Caseen – So another very special thank you to Caseen for providing great prizes and the fortunate winner receiving the top prize of the extra-long VIBE EX-L stylus.

All Monkey Side Bars Entries…

photo(8) photo(2) photo(1) photo(6) photo(7) photo(10) photo(3) photo(4) photo(5) photo(9) photo photo(11)

Our admins efforts;


Again, thanks to all of you who entered our competition.  You all did a fantastic job and your on-going support and wonderful feedback we receive here at Monkey Side Bars makes it all worth the while.

Cheers everyone and monkey on 😀



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