The word STARWARS, selected by Marcus, hit Instagram like a storm trooper on Wednesday, February 12th for the Monkey Side Bars drawing game.

Marcus submitted four epic STAR WARS drawings presented below and based his interpretations on the artwork of Adam Lister:
Soon we can evacuate in our moment of triumph and see the rest of the monkey’s Star Wars contributions which will be displayed in the sidebars within the next few days.

photo(3)              photo(2) photo(1)     photo

The characters we all know and love from Star Wars are always fun to draw and have been portrayed by so many artists over the years in great fashion… but we cannot go away today and leave this article without a mention of Boba Fett and his stupid death.

Jeremy Bulloch is an English actor best known for the role of the bounty hunter Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy.  He has appeared in numerous British television and film productions, including Doctor Who.

Before Boba Fett’s slapstick death, he was on a mission but with almost no screen time and only five lines of dialogue he became one of the most tangible heroes than the entire Empire put together!  Not only did he have a jetpack, apart from Vader wore a bad-ass outfit and could possibly have been a Hip Hop Rap Artist called Boba Feet.

The first rule of show-business: Always leave them wanting more.


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