Yes, right here, among us…

Scientists and Steven Spielberg have been searching for evidence of extra-terrestrial life outside of film and television with very little accomplishment but we do know that aliens based their spaceships on hamburgers in an effort to one day fatten up the people of the world and call us humans The Extra The Cholesterol.

Our word for Monkey Side Bars round #53 was ALIEN chosen by @CYCLOPS68 for last night’s posting.  ALIEN drawings are still sifting in with over 70 posts so far and soon be in the sidebars on the website here.

We give below a collection of drawings from @rosenfeld2 posted last night, all from back in the ole Draw Something 1 days…

Just make sure you do not have a hot drink in hand whilst viewing.

Thanks for the laughs Mr Rosenfeld.

photo(2) photo(6) photo(5) photo(8) photo photo(7) photo(1) photo(9) photo(3) photo(4)


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