The Caseen VIBE EX-L is the best stylus I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned at least 20 or more. The Caseen stylus is smooth, it doesn’t stick to my iPad screen or make that annoying noise like the rubber tipped stylus do.

My kids and I are constantly snatching it from each other as though we don’t have tons of other styluses in the house. Don’t waste your time and money on any other stylus. Cassen is the best!!

I used the Monkey Side Bars coupon code and got the Caseen stylus for only $9.99. Honestly, I love the quality of this stylus so much; I’d pay more without a doubt. It’s not just for artists. It’s great for making lists, jotting down notes, kids coloring APPs, ETC. I will deff be ordering more Caseen products in the future.

Hannah's caseen review draw
Artist: Hannah Mitchell
Here are some more reviews for our sponsor friends at Caseen:

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