Delicate - pia
Artist: Pia – continuing Mary’s saga
Ep 4 Delicate 1  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime
It is crazy to see at this stage that both Jaime and Pia were not properly collaborating but that their drawings seemed to match!
Ep 4 Delicate 2  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime
Mary finds out valuable information from the arresting officer who was sent by Thomas’ Trust Fund associates. However, the information she has maybe too incredible to believe!! Stay tuned for the next Monkey Side Bars word… you may be “Marveled” by what is revealed.
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@gitteserritslev #35 December 8 (Sun) DELICATE
 Since Round #32 of the Monkey Side Bars game, Jaime & Pia have acted as a team cleverly producing a saga to go with the words selected by monkey members.
 As you can imagine, some words supplied can be tricky to transform into a story but Jaime & Pia produce an endearing account each time not to mention some excellent artwork.
 It first began with a drawing by Jaime in the style of Pop Art of Mary crying after finding out that her boyfriend Thomas had left her.  Jaime used the artist John Romita [famous for his work on Spiderman among other Marvel Comics] as his reference.  Jaime had no plans to expand the draw or the story until Pia posted her ‘message’ drawing for Round #33 and have teamed up for each Monkey Side Bar game after that.
 We will showcase the on-going saga here each week of Jaime & Pia’s collaborations.
 Stay tuned for ‘As The Jungle Turns’ and see the story of Mary unfold and the struggle to clear her name.

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