Technically incandescent is referring to the light in the form of electromagnetic radiation due to the temperature of the heated source.  The light we see from this reaction is normally referred to as incandescence.

Most hear incandescent and automatically think various forms of lighting.   We love the ambiance of fires, torches, candles, and lanterns to name a few.   Beauty seems enhanced under these soft incandescent encounters.

We are moving towards LED (electroluminescent lighting), however, many of us still use conventional incandescent light bulbs, halogens, etc.

Lets not forget the incandescent astronomical events and objects.  The sun, stars, supernova, and milky way display mind blowing incandescent emissions.

And then there is the ebullition (yes monkeys, remember ebullition?) of volcanic eruptions and its spewing lava.

So, figuratively speaking… Don’t go all incandescent in your search for drawing ideas for Sunday, January 26th!


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