HERALD - pia
Artist: Pia
Ep 3 Herald  - Jaime
Artist: Jaime
Monkey Round Date Day Word chosen
@maryannetheresa #34 December 4 (Wed) HERALD
Since Round #32 of the Monkey Side Bars game, Jaime & Pia have acted as a team cleverly producing a saga to go with the words selected by monkey members.
As you can imagine, some words supplied can be tricky to transform into a story but Jaime & Pia produce an endearing account each time not to mention some excellent artwork.
It first began with a drawing by Jaime in the style of Pop Art of Mary crying after finding out that her boyfriend Thomas had left her.  Jaime used the artist John Romita [famous for his work on Spiderman among other Marvel Comics] as his reference.  Jaime had no plans to expand the draw or the story until Pia posted her ‘message’ drawing for Round #33 and have teamed up for each Monkey Side Bar game after that.
We will showcase the on-going saga here each week of Jaime & Pia’s collaborations.
Stay tuned for ‘As The Jungle Turns’ and see the story of Mary unfold and the struggle to clear her name.

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