ROCK N ROLLMany people of today, young or old love to listen to Rock N’ Roll… The kinda music just soothes the soul as Bob Seger once sang.

The United States was where Rock N’ Roll originally began way back in the 40s with undertones of blues, jazz, gospel and country.  Rock N’ Roll did not obtain its name until the 1950s.

Many people in Britain during the 1950s became inclined to follow the American culture as it shared a common language including the emergence of distinct youth sub-cultures between musicians and fashion.  Early Rock N Roll songs dealt with issues of cars, school, dating, and clothing.

Lyrics of rock and roll songs described events and conflicts that most listeners could relate to through personal experience. Apparently, an awakening began to take place in American youth culture… so lets get our dancing socks on and do the hop for
Wednesday January 8th, 2014

Now, a totally unrelated song for Elvis’s birthday for this word choice, we are going to go with Velvet Underground: Rock & Roll.
Enjoy everybody and a very Happy New Year to all.


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