When the roles we play in life just aren’t enough to settle the little voices in our heads we develop Role Playing Games.  In this realm, much like the Side Bars we are only limited by our imaginations.  Who wouldn’t like to be anyone or anything?

Children are expected to engage in all sorts of Role Playing activities…  However, once we become adults these creative shenanigans are normally organized, and fall under various umbrellas.   Role Playing Games may range from simply acting out characters narratively to full on live action, complete with costumes and desired settings.

Although, I must admit, the Side Bars have never been the same since the introduction of Dungeons & Dragons back in the 70’s.   Role Playing (Video) Games have since saturated the markets and allow us to fully experience alternative realities.

So as Timon once said, “What’d you want me to do dress in drag and do the hula?!?” I answer you, “Yes”, then ready yourselves to create your own Role Playing Game illustration for Wednesday, December 25th!


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