“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”
―     Albert Einstein

Our beloved Albert Einstein must have had our Monkey Side Bars in mind when he ruminated on life’s absurdities.

Lets see, we are going to start a drawing game open to anyone inhabiting planet earth.  In this game all participants will be referred to as monkeys.  Each monkey will be given the hushed opportunity to supply a word which will act as a theme.  These words will be guarded in the Side Bar Realms where Ms. Raincloud walks quietly but yields a big stick.  They will be introduced twice a week directly after a pre-determined reveal time for the current word selection.  And it is during these bi-weekly times all monkeys concede to a trance like state as they methodically upload their creations to Instagram.  All of this takes place at the exact same moment, the only moment anyone could ever actually hear a pin drop!

Our Monkey Side Bars is one of the few places where nonsense can make quite a lot of sense!   That’s not ridiculous, that’s absurd,  Sunday, December 15th!


7 thoughts on “ABSURD

  1. Hey there monkey leaders 🐒 I know this may sound absurd but can I choose a word for a future draw? I don’t have one in mind but I’ve been thinking I’d like to try 🙈

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