Eiffel Monkey Tower – Résultats

Congratulations to  Pia and runners up Kim G and Stacy

collage of winners

What a tremendous response from all the creative souls who participated in our Eiffel Tower competition, kindly sponsored by Caseen.  An amazing collection of submissions and three lucky winners with a brand new stylus.  As my good friend Fischer said, it was so hard to judge with the amount of talent that was posted. Everyone is a winner in his eyes.

I couldn’t think of a better artist to judge such an event as Fischer Chen AKA @mr_sides. Being impartial to the submissions and trying to ignore well-known styles and methods is a difficult task to do. I believe Fischer has chosen wisely and fairly and has not let anyone down with his evaluation and choices made.  I too on behalf of  the admin team would sincerely like to thank Fischer for his efforts and fair judgement in the process.

As I wasn’t the judge (Fortunately for most people lol:-)) I’m going to hold back on any critique. All I can say is that for the Eiffel Tower theme, everyone did a fantastic job and you should all be proud. I wasn’t going to submit until you guys all inspired me. I was truly blown away by the caliber of artworks coming through. For the winner and two runners-up, all I can say is that you truly deserve it but you sure did have some competition.

Our winner – Pia’s work of art

 Our first runner up with Stacy                              Our second runner up with Kim G

Seraphlynn - Runnerup         Cosmokimmy - Runnerup

Below is Fischer’s evaluation of the competition and his personal response to the task we had left him;

‘Dear Monkeys

Thank you all for inviting me to be part of the Monkey Side Bars drawing event. It has been very pleasant, exciting, fun and “guilty” for me to have played the role that I played. Everybody has submitted absolutely fabulous work and ideas about the theme and I was truly stunned to see them all.

While taking time to enjoy all these amazing drawings, I had to go through a very “painful” process of choosing 3 drawings that would win the artists the stylus pens. This is because I really do not see any drawing that really stands out from other drawings meaningfully enough to be an absolute winner. But procedurally I still needed to do what I was invited to do so the VIBE L mesh stylus, in my humble view, goes to Pia and the other two pens go to Kim G and Stracy.

While I went through all the drawings and established my views on the winners, I mainly took the following into consideration: Technicality, exquisiteness, idea, and the general atmosphere. While I doubt the winners’ drawings are better than the drawings from other participants on any of these factors alone, I found myself most fascinated by these drawings on the basis of these factors combined. I think I must have spent more than 1 hour going through each and every drawing and I did this for a few rounds in order to maintain a fresh and unprejudiced mind in establishing my final views.

It is worth noting that I have been around in the Draw Something community for more than a year and during this time I got to know and interact with many amazing fellow artists from around the world. Some of these players also participated in this event and I am very familiar with their respective style. However, the artists whose drawings are the most fascinating to me are not my acquaintances at all and this is purely coincidental.

And for those that are familiar with my drawing style, exquisiteness and simplicity are the two things that I care more than anything else. Therefore, I am sure my preference on these factors led to my “prejudice” in myself not being fascinated by other drawings as much I was by the winning ones, and I apologize for this.

Once again, thank you all for the invitation and trust. Lastly, my truer view is: Everybody is a winner.


Mr. Sides (with greetings from China)’

All competition entries fantastically put together by our lovely Adele @adelbos

Collage 6             Collage 14 Collage 13 Collage 12 Collage 11 Collage 10 Collage 9 Collage 8 Collage 7 Collage 5 Collage 15 Collage 1 Collage 2 Collage 3 Collage 4

Our admins efforts;

Admin Eiffel draws

Again, thanks for all of you who entered our competition. Your support has made it a success. A lot effort has gone into this and all of you should be proud.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who participated and a special thank you to Caseen for sponsoring.


David Burles @davidburles on behalf of MSB admin.


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