“RRRRRAAAHHHHH! AAAARRRRRRRR!” ~ Someone feeling a little delicate.

Feelings are the most delicate things in life, never hurt them when anyone truly shows them to you, because a great saying says… today it’s me… tomorrow it’s you…

Thank you for your support and compliance on this delicate matter.


It’s a drawing that needs addressing.  May I suggest a splatter of extra virgin olive oil or possibly just simple a delicate vinaigrette? Matter of taste really.

If you would like your drawing to be a delicate draw try using a feather pen if you can.  Albus Dumbledore used one in Harry Potter that contains magical powers.  You just need to hold the pen with your right or left hand and say the magic word.  Choose your own feather and note that after every two days, you need to change the feathers because it will wear off, thus the magical ability will be gone and your drawings will get worse.

Grab some delicacies here for reference – gently does it

Set your machines to a delicate cycle of draws for Sunday, December 8.


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