Plagued with the loss of his chimp mate the robust alpha male hunkered down on the shore searching for the will to survive.   He quickly polished off a bundle of bananas and washed it down with a 2 liter jug of ape rum.   With his finger nail he etched out his hearts yearnings in the discarded banana peals to which he carefully placed inside the empty ape rum jug.  Then in all his chimpish stupor he tossed that banana note in an ape rum jug into the crashing waves.   I believe Nicholas Sparks ran with this in a novel he titled, “Message in a Bottle”…

Either way, you get the point, a message was written, delivered, and received.  There are text and facebook messages, secret messages, and message boards.   Some messages are disguised as clues or hints, others may be laid out in memorandums, directives, and hard wires.  Bulletins are littered with a hodge-podge array of notices, fliers, and procedures.  Some loud and clear, some may require you to read between the lines, but they are all in fact messages.  So please, dear monkeys, leave your side bar messages Sunday, December 1st!


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