Give any monkey a blank sheet of paper and sit them in a lecture, meeting, or presentation of some kind and the end result will be a page occupied with elaborate doodles and spectacular scribbles.

This is how a good monkey listens, and stays awake…

“So are these fabulous designs considered Zentangle?” you ask.  “No!” (and the Zentangle founders cringe, Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas).


First one must be in a state of Zen to tangle, an artistic meditation.  Clear your mind of outside thoughts and relax your body.  All of your focus should be on the process of creating not the outcome.

Remember, Zentangles are not drawings of recognizable images and can be viewed from any angle or direction.  The rhythmic flow of your deliberate strokes will lead you into your state of Zen.  The only thing better than a meditating monkey is a meditating monkey creating a Zentangle.

So, Sunday, November 24th, lets all get tangled in our Zentangles!


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