Come one, come all, to Monkey Side Bars under the big top!

Yes, the carnival has come to town.

The only site in town to see a lizard man having tea with a genuine cat lady sitting atop a giant tusked beast hauling a cart filled with side-show monkeys.  And if that doesn’t peek your interest maybe our sword yielding, sword swallowing, tall man performing his spectacular acts with his scantily clad gypsy princess will satisfy your needs.  They follow the magnificent fortune telling burlesque dancers and the parade of Shetland Stallions.


These traveling side shows are not for the faint of heart!  If you peek behind the curtains you’ll see genuine carny folk, a secretive group with their own carnival cant, that bring a whole new meaning to your ideas of dark and dis-functional.  In fact, they may have been the only people that truly scared Austin Powers… “Carnies.  Circus Folk.  Nomads, you know.  Smell like cabbage.  Small hands.”

Mark your calendars, tickets on sale now, Carnival, Sunday, November 17th!


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