In this challenge there is no hanging out on the monkey bars, a quitter never quits, unless you quit at winning.

Monkey Award

All entries to Eiffel Monkey Tower will be collaged to feature @msbgallery on Instagram which, as you know, appear here on the website and Facebook also.

An article will be written to go with the winning draw for the web page.  The lucky winner will also receive a new VIBE stylus from Caseen. The two runners-up will receive rubber tipped stylus’s.


 This first-rate product has a mesh tip rather than rubber which makes it excellent to write with as well as producing some amazing monkey artwork.  The VIBE’s mesh conforms quickly to pressure and creates pin-like accuracy to your touch screen. You will be AMAZED at what a difference this technology can make.

 If you are already a Monkey Member and post regularly to Monkey Side Bars then go forth monkey, apply and enjoy.  Or sign up with Monkey Side Bars today to enter the contest Eiffel Monkey Tower.

  •  Draw the Eiffel Tower
  • Draw on any medium
  • Keep your drawing hidden until the reveal time
  • Post at normal posting times on Thursday November 28th
  • Tag #msbeiffeltower and #monkeysidebars

 The wonderful artist Fischer @mr_sides will be judging this game.

 Every piece of art is different and is interpreted differently by the viewer so your drawings will be judged on:

  • Creativity
  • The beauty of the finished piece

NB: An Instagram account is necessary in order to participate.  If you do not yet have one,  just enter “none” in the box below.

Eiffel Monkey TowerStylus Ad 50% copy

[admins can participate but cannot win a prize]


12 thoughts on “EIFFEL MONKEY TOWER

  1. OK ….sounds great…what a challenge considering the billions of versions adorning things right now….hmmmm….get the grey matter some new batteries…

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  2. Reblogged this on MonkeySideBars and commented:

    Thank you all for your emails received so far. We hope that you enjoy the first competition. You all have plenty of time to draw for the mass posting – usual time on Thursday 28th November – Once again, good luck monkeys.

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