Stray 2 It looks like we picked the wrong week to give up Sci-fi.

Monkey’s will be venting Science Fiction drawings for Sunday November 3rd – word supplied by Simian Stray.

In Draw Something’s historical past Stray has been an avid artist who has posted many Sci-Fi smithereens to Instagram and Facebook’s timeline.

Right here right now is an assortment of Stray’s Sci-Fi illustrations; some monkeys will be familiar with Simian Stray’s work and remember the wonderful mash-ups and incredible sketches we have seen so far.

Get lost in the year 2525 as you scan and relish.

Stray 9 Stray 1 Stray 17 Stray 6 Stray 13 Stray 16 Stray 15 Stray 8 Stray 4 Stray 19 Stray 12 Stray 14 Stray 10 Stray 20 Stray 5 Stray 3 Stray 18 Stray 11 Stray 7


4 thoughts on “SIMIAN STRAY

  1. Science fiction is a wonderful topic suggested by our dear colleague Simian Stray. I’m sure all the monkeys will do a wonderful job of drawing this subject and I look forward to Sunday with great excitement and trepidation.

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