kimboIn a galaxy far far away the word AKIMBO came from the Icelandic phase ‘in keng boginn’ which means ‘bent into a crook or hands bent to the waist’.


Other suggestions is that the word came the Middle English word, cambok, ‘a curved stick or staff’ and from Medieval Latin cambuca or to a cam bow ‘in a crooked bow’.  However, there is no extent form of akimbo spelled with cam, and the earliest form of the word, kenebowe, is a long way from cam.

Help me stand up straight Obi Wan kenebowe, you’re my only hope.

Yoda will give you some helpful hints on what to draw for Sunday, October 20th.yoda for webIf you decide to take action it’s with the intention that it will be completed, and you commit yourself fully. Never even let the slightest hint of self-doubt creep in. If you decide to do something, in your mind it’s as good as done. It’s a lesson in focus and self-confidence we can apply to every task we undertake.


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