Schedule for word selection, dates listed are the reveal dates for that round.  Please get your words in AT LEAST one week before the reveal date or sooner.

Email your word choice to monkeysidebars@gmail.com and may we ask kindly that you do not reveal your word to fellow monkeys?

Monkey Round Date Day
@Moniljs #19 October 13 (Sun)
@Skookumarts #20 October 16 (Wed)
@Draxana #21 October 20 (Sun)
@Omgshellyomg #22 October 23 (Wed)
@Sawoooly #23 October 27 (Sun)
@stephinch_ds2_art #24 October 30 (Wed)
@straylightv #25 November 3 (Sun)
@seraphLynn #26 November 6 (Wed)
@tgronberg #27 November 10 (Sun)
@theSnarkRemarks #28 November 13 (Wed)
@tracystrassburg #29 November 17 (Sun)

The next list will be prepared early November and if you haven’t already chosen a word for the game we will notify you back to this page to complete a short form if you would like to be added to the next word list.

Thank you for playing.


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