AlohaWe all know that the Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone is of course “Aloha” “which can also mean Hi there” “Okay” “Alright” “Of course” “Awesome” “Hmm”, depending on context.

Alo – Be in the face of, be in the presence of, to join, combine with.

Ha – the breath of life, the spirit or essence of ones being

Pull up a chair, make yourself a nice cup of tea whilst we explicate that ALOHA is more than just a greeting but a way of life, a way of being.  ALOHA was jointly chosen by the lovely Moni and her ‘sharp as a whip’ 95 year old grandmother.

ALOHA connects us to each other and to the divine whatever that is to you, God, Nature… Have you got that cup of tea yet?  The meaning behind the Aloha Spirit and chant can be seen here at Life in these Islands.

Aloha can conjure up a vast amount of references and if that doesn’t help take a trip back in time to watch Elvis who drew it his way.


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